Highest quality standards in every step of the process

Order Processing

Our design team will check your design, make sure everything is perfect before printing and contact you in case there’s any issue or difference that needs your confirmation.

Prepare the order items with the selected variants and make sure there is no wrongs with the product before printing

Using the suitable printing technique for the product and the latest printing machines.

After printing the order items we double check them for quality before packing and and shipping your order

  • Generally all items are packed in regular unbranded packaging
  • Branded packaging is free for our Silver and Gold members

For more details please check packaging page

Order Processing within 1-2 working days

Delivery Processing

Depending on the items Fragile or not, we make all the necessary precautions to assure order delivery in good condition.

Wether you are shipping to yourself or directly to your customer, your order will be delivered till doorsteps.

  • If shipping to customer, your order will be delivered under your brand name without mentioning our name anywhere even on the airway bill.

Following up on all order to assure smooth and successful delivery.

  • If shipping to customer, we may call your customer on behalf of the shipping company to make sure that the feedback is true before passing the issue to you

If we couldn’t solve the problem, a note with issue will be added to the order details and your order status will be changed to ” Awaiting action ” so you can contact your customer and solve the issue and send back to us or send directly to your account manager if applicable

  • Sending to yourself: you can choose to pay on delivery.
  • Sending to your customer: your can set amount to be collected from your customer on delivery “Retail Price” and pay for our cost online by different payment gateways

Delivery Processing within 1-2 working days

Local Shipping Rates

All orders are shipped out from Cairo, Egypt

Each order will go through 3 delivery attempts before returning.

  • Same as normal shipping rates
  • Free if the return is for quality or any variants mistakes from our side.

The prices included in the above table is for the first 1 kg, a 10 EGP is added for each extra kg.

International Shipping Rates